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A freelance translation and/or interpreting agency facilitates business interactions between translators/interpreters and clients. These freelance companies are more like job search engines than agencies, as translators seek work on a project-to-project basis, and the engine provides the venue for this to occur. They are language-service marketplaces. These are mainly dot-com companies-all their work is done through internet-based communication.

Has an extensive database of freelance translators and interpreters for interested clients, provides full-length resumes and sometimes pictures of each freelancer. Companies and other clientele can search for freelancers and post jobs or request a specific freelancer. The basic level of service is free, but registered Proz members receive a greater depth of exposure and business opportunities. The email list server provides additional information and urgent job requests.
Offers language networking in a variety of contexts including assisting business clients who need translation, freelance translators needing projects, and a smaller translation agencies looking for jobs and freelance translators. This simple and easy to use server allows members to access job postings, language resources, and discussion forums.
Dedicated to defining web globalization, eTranslate offers registration for translators as well as agencies to enable efficient interaction and job completion. The website makes other services available such as a library of resources and links to diversion. Check out Glenn's Guide to freelance translating agencies on the site too!

Academy Translations is a language company that employs exclusively freelance translators because of the steadily increasing reliance on the internet for business transactions and communications. This company specializes in technical translations, and welcomes individuals with a background in this area. As it is often difficult to find a balance between translating skills and technical or engineering knowledge, Academy Translations gives preference to those professionals who first worked in the field of science or engineering and also have some education in translation.

Corporate Jobs Freelance Jobs International Organizations
Media and Arts Religion Social / Community
Government Agencies Translation Teaching
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